10 Tips for Martial Arts Training at Home

During the COVID19 pandemic, many martial arts students were forced to train at home.  Some were lucky enough to have live virtual classes, pre-recorded lessons, or other training methods provided to them from the studio they train at.  Even before the outbreak altered our way of life, training at home was still an essential part of becomingContinue reading “10 Tips for Martial Arts Training at Home”

The Self-Defense Mindset: The First Step in Handling A Bully

School age bullying is a major problem in the world today.  Millions of kids around the world are victims of bullying on a regular basis.  The effects of this bullying can be both costly and long lasting.  Situations that frighten us when we’re very young stay with us throughout our lives.  Bullying can keep children from learning how toContinue reading “The Self-Defense Mindset: The First Step in Handling A Bully”

How to Effectively Learn Sparring

There are several times during the course of a student’s training in martial arts that people quit.  The two most common times are during the first 3 months, after that new car smell has worn off, and when a person gets black belt, they think they know it all now. After these two events, there areContinue reading “How to Effectively Learn Sparring”

Martial Arts After 40

Every once and a while, I hear someone say, “I am too old to do karate.”  Many times, the people that say this are only in their 40s.  In my years of doing karate, I have seen numerous adults in their 40s start karate training and continue for 20+ years, reaching high black belt ranks and beingContinue reading “Martial Arts After 40”

Losing 50 lbs in 5 Months

I was a fat kid.  I was a fat teenager.  Blame eating habits, blame genetics, blame lifestyle, but the fact of the matter is, I was fat.  Despite being overweight I was style active.  I played soccer, I was involved in martial arts, I snowboarded, I constantly played sports outside with the neighborhood kids, and many other things. FastContinue reading “Losing 50 lbs in 5 Months”

The Pandemic Training Mindset

As we approach one year of being prisoners of the COVID19 pandemic, many people are getting antsy about the continued effect on our lives and can’t help but yearn for things to return to normal.  I have noticed many martial arts students, especially, are itching to get back to the training we are accustomed to. SinceContinue reading “The Pandemic Training Mindset”

The Point Acquisition Plan – How To Win At Sparring

Fair warning, this may be the absolutely nerdiest thing you have ever seen with respect to karate.  I actually came up with this concept several years ago when I was on a rant in a sparring class.  At one point I went to my white board and started creating a flow chart (yes, I have a whiteContinue reading “The Point Acquisition Plan – How To Win At Sparring”

Counter Techniques for Sparring: Forced vs. Reactive

Throughout my many years of training, I have done a lot of sparring.  I have competed in well over 50 tournaments with varied levels of success.  I have studied sparring with an analytical mind my entire career whether fighting against opponents at a tournament, doing class drills, sparring with friends, or attending seminars.  One thing I learned quicklyContinue reading “Counter Techniques for Sparring: Forced vs. Reactive”

The Self-Defense Mindset

Have you ever noticed there are those people out there that you see walking around and say to yourself, “I wouldn’t mess with that guy!”  Sometimes it is their sheer size or the way they dress but often times it is their demeanor.  The first thing everyone needs to know in order to defend themselves is theyContinue reading “The Self-Defense Mindset”

One of my (many) pet peeves: Spinning Back Kick vs. Spinning Side Kick

I am going to take a bit of pause from my recent rants and do a little technical article. One my martial arts pet peeves is the difference between a spinning back kick and spinning side kick. I feel that many practitioners these days don’t know the difference. In fact, I feel the spinning backContinue reading “One of my (many) pet peeves: Spinning Back Kick vs. Spinning Side Kick”