How to Start, Grow, and Maintain a Martial Arts Studio – The Soft Start

So, you’ve been training in martial arts for many years, assisted teaching under the guidance of a mentor, and are now ready to take the big step and become a martial arts studio owner yourself.  Congratulations!  Now what? You can’t just close your eyes, think hard, open them up and poof, you have a bustling group ofContinue reading “How to Start, Grow, and Maintain a Martial Arts Studio – The Soft Start”

Complaining, Critiquing, or Concerning?

We karate teachers are a unique breed.  We have a knowledge and skill set that many others don’t possess. A karate teacher is part martial artist, part teacher, part life coach, part psychologist, part physical therapist, part EMT, and part fitness coach.  That’s a lot of parts.  Most of us are experts in martial arts, proficient in teaching, andContinue reading “Complaining, Critiquing, or Concerning?”

How to Start, Grow, and Maintain a Martial Arts Studio – Introduction

So, you have dreams of owning and operating a martial arts, fitness, dance, or yoga studio someday.  Well, I have been fortunate enough to have accomplished this feat.  I have been a speaker at numerous seminars on this topic and have successfully advised others in their pursuit of starting their own martial arts studio. For the sakeContinue reading “How to Start, Grow, and Maintain a Martial Arts Studio – Introduction”

How to Effectively Learn Sparring

There are several times during the course of a student’s training in martial arts that people quit.  The two most common times are during the first 3 months, after that new car smell has worn off, and when a person gets black belt, they think they know it all now. After these two events, there areContinue reading “How to Effectively Learn Sparring”

Martial Arts After 40

Every once and a while, I hear someone say, “I am too old to do karate.”  Many times, the people that say this are only in their 40s.  In my years of doing karate, I have seen numerous adults in their 40s start karate training and continue for 20+ years, reaching high black belt ranks and beingContinue reading “Martial Arts After 40”

A Non-Violent Martial Art

In my neighborhood, there was once an Aikido studio with a giant banner that read “A Non-Violent Martial Art”.  The studio was located right off the freeway exit to my neighborhood so I would drive by it often.  Unfortunately, this studio is no longer there.  Like several other martial arts studios, they closed when the COVID pandemic continuedContinue reading “A Non-Violent Martial Art”

Why Am I Not Testing?

Why am I not testing?  This is a question many martial arts instructors have heard all too often.  If you haven’t heard this question, you are either a really good instructor or a really bad one.  You would be a bad one because you just test all of your students all of the time, just for showing up.  YouContinue reading “Why Am I Not Testing?”

The Purpose of Tang Soo Do (Karate) – Terminology/History/Philosophy

In part 10 of my series on the purpose of Tang Soo Do training, I will be going over the purpose of learning terminology, history, and philosophy, and how this aspect of Tang Soo Do training fits into the global self-defense system.   First and foremost, learning terminology and history have nothing to do with self-defense.  LearningContinue reading “The Purpose of Tang Soo Do (Karate) – Terminology/History/Philosophy”

What is the Best Martial Art?

There are countless articles online and in magazines ranking martial art styles or claiming this style or that style is the best or most effective.  While I enthusiastically read all of these articles, I also cringe nearly every time.  The reason I cringe is because it is impossible to rank or claim which martial art is theContinue reading “What is the Best Martial Art?”

Thoughts on Honor and Loyalty in Martial Arts

Right off the bat, I am going to apologize for this post.  For many, many years I have had thoughts and ideas regarding honor and loyalty as it pertains to martial arts.  I have yet to have a concise series of ideas that follow a clear progression towards a conclusion.  All I have is a random smattering ofContinue reading “Thoughts on Honor and Loyalty in Martial Arts”