10 Tips for Martial Arts Training at Home

During the COVID19 pandemic, many martial arts students were forced to train at home.  Some were lucky enough to have live virtual classes, pre-recorded lessons, or other training methods provided to them from the studio they train at.  Even before the outbreak altered our way of life, training at home was still an essential part of becomingContinue reading “10 Tips for Martial Arts Training at Home”

The Karate Dad – Episode 22

It has been some time since the last Karate Dad episode for a couple of reasons.  First, my studio and life are going through some significant transitions, and we are still trying to get used to a new routine. In addition, Anders and I had an excellent lesson about 2 weeks ago.  He was attentive, focused, andContinue reading “The Karate Dad – Episode 22”

The Pyung Ahn Parent

In many karate styles, practitioners train in a set of forms called Pyung Ahn or Pinan.  For those non-martial artists out there, a form is a prearranged set of techniques that teach students certain fighting applications. Many of these forms, like the Pyung Ahn, are hundreds of years old and have been passed down for generations.  The purposeContinue reading “The Pyung Ahn Parent”

How to Start, Grow, and Maintain a Martial Arts Studio – The Part-Time Commercial Studio

Prior to getting into this post regarding the part-time commercial studio, let’s do a brief recap of how we got to this point.  We got the ball rolling by starting some classes at a YMCA, fitness facility, community center, or similar type venue.  We volunteered to be instructors in order to grow faster and build a strongContinue reading “How to Start, Grow, and Maintain a Martial Arts Studio – The Part-Time Commercial Studio”

The Self-Defense Mindset: The First Step in Handling A Bully

School age bullying is a major problem in the world today.  Millions of kids around the world are victims of bullying on a regular basis.  The effects of this bullying can be both costly and long lasting.  Situations that frighten us when we’re very young stay with us throughout our lives.  Bullying can keep children from learning how toContinue reading “The Self-Defense Mindset: The First Step in Handling A Bully”

TJ’s Tale: Excelling at Something Later in Life

The following article is the story of a student I had for many years.  To respect her privacy, I am going to refer to her as TJ in lieu of her real name.  The main reason I am sharing her story is that it is an inspirational one.  Many people over 40 years old will say they areContinue reading “TJ’s Tale: Excelling at Something Later in Life”

Not Everyone Will Get a Black Belt

My goal is black belt.  This is a black belt school.  Black belt excellence.  Minimum time required to earn a black belt.  These are all things that you will see posted on the wall of a studio or hear being discussed by students, instructors, and parents.  From day one, we are programmed to believe that earning a black belt isContinue reading “Not Everyone Will Get a Black Belt”

Thriving, Surviving, or Dying: Which One Is Your Martial Arts School?

March 10th, 2020.  That was the last day I taught a normal, restriction free martial arts class.  Over a year later, masks and socially distanced activities are still required in my area. We are quickly approaching a year and a half since the start of the COVID19 pandemic.  While it appears we are approaching the end here inContinue reading “Thriving, Surviving, or Dying: Which One Is Your Martial Arts School?”

Martial Arts Themed Dad Jokes

Dad jokes.  One of the main reasons I became a dad.  I have been telling them most of my adult life, well before becoming a dad.  However, once my son was born, my dad joke mojo got a boost in energy. My son heard his first dad joke after being alive for less than one hour.  True story.  After gettingContinue reading “Martial Arts Themed Dad Jokes”

The Karate Dad – Episodes 20 and 21

This post has two episodes since both lessons were rather uneventful and frustrating at the same time.  I had to really work hard to figure out a silver lining in each lesson so my assessments may be a bit of a stretch. Episode 20 In this lesson, I decided to take a step back from tryingContinue reading “The Karate Dad – Episodes 20 and 21”