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I have learned a lot about martial arts over the last 30+ years I have been training and teaching. This page provides training tips, philosophical insights, teaching advice, parenting karate kids, videos, books, and much more!

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Anders struggles to learn blocks in episode 19 of The Karate Dad

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10 Tips for Martial Arts Training at Home

During the COVID19 pandemic, many martial arts students were forced to train at home.  Some were lucky enough to have live virtual classes, pre-recorded lessons, or other training methods provided to them from the studio they train at.  Even before the outbreak altered our way of life, training at home was still an essential part of becomingContinue reading “10 Tips for Martial Arts Training at Home”

The Pyung Ahn Parent

In many karate styles, practitioners train in a set of forms called Pyung Ahn or Pinan.  For those non-martial artists out there, a form is a prearranged set of techniques that teach students certain fighting applications. Many of these forms, like the Pyung Ahn, are hundreds of years old and have been passed down for generations.  The purposeContinue reading “The Pyung Ahn Parent”

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