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Check out our online training videos and courses to learn beginner karate, martial arts weapons, karate sparring, bully prevention, and more!

Don’t forget about KarateFit, our martial arts themed workout program!

Beginner Karate Ages 9 and Up
Learn the basic curriculum, white belt to green belt, in Tang Soo Do with these 16 lesson courses. Test for rank upon completion. Great for parents to do with kids.

Click Here for Level 1-White Belt to Advanced White Belt

Click Here for Level 2-Advanced White Belt to Yellow Belt

Click Here for Level 3-Yellow Belt to Advanced Yellow Belt

Beginner Karate – Ages 8 and under
Learn the basic Tang Soo Do curriculum for kids ages 8 and under in this 12 lesson course. Designed for parents to do along with kids. Great for dads to do with kids!

Click Here

Karate Sparring Course
Take your karate training up a notch with this 5 level course. Learn how to safely spar in karate starting at a beginner level.

Click Here for Level 1-Distance and Defense

Click Here for Level 2-Offensive Technique

Click Here for Level 3-Counter Techniques

Click Here for Level 4-Strategies

Bo Staff (Bong) For Tang Soo Do
Learn basic bo staff techniques, forms, and sparring in this 3 level course. Great for Tang Soo Do students who have limited training with the staff

Click Here for Level 1-Basic Techniques

Click Here for Level 2-Forms

KarateFit – Beginner
Learn beginner karate moves while getting a total body workout.

Click Here

KarateFit – Intermediate
Kick it up a notch with intermediate karate moves while doing a more intense total body workout.

Click Here

KarateFit – Advanced
Our most intense workout! More exercises, more advanced karate moves. Good luck!

Bully Prevention Strategies for Kids Online Course
Step by step bully prevention strategies for kids to practice with their parents. Different strategies for different situations and personalities.

Click Here

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