What is the Best Martial Art?

There are countless articles online and in magazines ranking martial art styles or claiming this style or that style is the best or most effective.  While I enthusiastically read all of these articles, I also cringe nearly every time.  The reason I cringe is because it is impossible to rank or claim which martial art is theContinue reading “What is the Best Martial Art?”

The Purpose of Tang Soo Do (Karate) – Basic Techniques

In Part 1 of this series, I introduced what I plan to do over the course of the next several posts.  In this post, I will start that process with the purpose of basic techniques in Tang Soo Do.  What are basic techniques?  Well, basics are the stances, strikes, blocks, kicks, and combinations that make up everything weContinue reading “The Purpose of Tang Soo Do (Karate) – Basic Techniques”

The Purpose of Tang Soo Do (Karate) – Introduction

Over the next several weeks, I will be posting 10 separate posts on the purpose of Tang Soo Do training.  These will be technical posts about the different areas of training in Tang Soo Do (and many karate styles as well).  You may have read that the ultimate goal of Tang Soo Do is to become oneContinue reading “The Purpose of Tang Soo Do (Karate) – Introduction”