How to Teach Kids Life Skills – Integrity

In this post I will be going over how to teach kids about integrity.  I started this series of life skills posts with integrity because I feel there is a serious lack of it in the world today.  You routinely see political figures, business leaders, and celebrities demonstrating a severe lack of integrity, usually just to continueContinue reading “How to Teach Kids Life Skills – Integrity”

The COVID Black Belt Test – Why we shouldn’t do them

The COVID19 pandemic has been going on now for nearly 7 months.  Many karate schools like mine were shutdown for 3-6 months.  Some continued to offer classes online during the shutdown.  Most schools have reopened for live classes in some capacity while still offering online or live streaming classes as an option.  While nearly all karate schools have reopened,Continue reading “The COVID Black Belt Test – Why we shouldn’t do them”