How to Teach Kids Life Skills – Gratitude

Despite the many ups and downs in life, such as the global pandemic, most of us have it pretty good.  If you are reading this post, you likely have internet access, a computer, tablet, or cell phone, and the ability to read.  There are people in many parts of the world that do not have one orContinue reading “How to Teach Kids Life Skills – Gratitude”

Martial Arts Gratitude

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and people all over the country will be giving thanks to friends, family, and a myriad of other things for which they are grateful.  Thanksgiving will be much different for just about everyone this year due to the pandemic.  So, I thought I would take a little different approach to the traditional, elementary schoolContinue reading “Martial Arts Gratitude”

Karate Is More Than Punching and Kicking

Karate instructors all over the world have often said “Karate is not about punching and kicking.”  While I agree with this statement, I think its intention gets lost at times.  I think a better statement is “Karate is MORE than punching and kicking.”  When making this statement, instructors are trying to inform people that in modern times weContinue reading “Karate Is More Than Punching and Kicking”