Not Everyone Will Get a Black Belt

My goal is black belt.  This is a black belt school.  Black belt excellence.  Minimum time required to earn a black belt.  These are all things that you will see posted on the wall of a studio or hear being discussed by students, instructors, and parents.  From day one, we are programmed to believe that earning a black belt isContinue reading “Not Everyone Will Get a Black Belt”

Being vs. Having

It has been a while since I had a true rant in one of my posts even though the title of my blog is “Master Elmore’s Martial Arts Rants”.  I will try not to rant too much while still providing some useful insight and information. In just about every karate school, there is a sign somewhereContinue reading “Being vs. Having”

The COVID Black Belt Test – Why we shouldn’t do them

The COVID19 pandemic has been going on now for nearly 7 months.  Many karate schools like mine were shutdown for 3-6 months.  Some continued to offer classes online during the shutdown.  Most schools have reopened for live classes in some capacity while still offering online or live streaming classes as an option.  While nearly all karate schools have reopened,Continue reading “The COVID Black Belt Test – Why we shouldn’t do them”