Any of our instructional services can be done in-person or online via Zoom. Private instruction, small group training, and corporate training programs available.

Private Instruction

Karate Training
Get one on one instruction in the art of Tang Soo Do. Learn at your own pace with the full attention of the instructor. Individual or families.

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Bully Prevention Coaching
Is your child being bullied? Get personalized instruction on how to handle and prevent bullying from happening. Instruction is tailored to each individual situation.

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Self-Defense Training
Want to learn self-defense but not the full martial art? We have a 5 level complete self-defense course that can be taught individually or in a group. Great for women, teens, and smaller individuals.

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Interested in getting into shape but need a little kick in the rear? Try our martial arts conditioning. No contact, no partners, no forms, no sparring, and no experience needed.

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Group Seminars

In addition to private instruction and small group lessons, we offer seminars for larger groups in any of the areas above. We can come to your facility and train your team, family, co-workers, class, you name it! These sessions can be in person (Seattle area) or virtually via Zoom from anywhere.

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