Teaching During COVID Times

It’s been 9 months since the world drastically changed from a microscopic virus called COVID19.  Just as we started to get back on track and opened up for in person classes, the fall surge hits and we are once again back to square one, having shutdown and teaching only online until at least January. Prior toContinue reading “Teaching During COVID Times”

The COVID Black Belt Test – Why we shouldn’t do them

The COVID19 pandemic has been going on now for nearly 7 months.  Many karate schools like mine were shutdown for 3-6 months.  Some continued to offer classes online during the shutdown.  Most schools have reopened for live classes in some capacity while still offering online or live streaming classes as an option.  While nearly all karate schools have reopened,Continue reading “The COVID Black Belt Test – Why we shouldn’t do them”

How Long Does It Take to Get A Black Belt? Part 3

This is the final installment in my discussion regarding the time it takes to earn black belt rank.  In the previous two articles I discussed time requirements up to 6th Dan.  I argued that using training hours instead of minimum number of years to achieve rank makes more sense, or at least shows how much of a discrepancyContinue reading “How Long Does It Take to Get A Black Belt? Part 3”

How Long Does It Take to Get A Black Belt? Part 2

This is a follow up to the article I wrote last week regarding how long it takes to reach black belt.  In that article I showed how students are earning black belts in the same amount of time although they are doing it in less actually training time.  This is resulting in students learning less curriculum, requirementsContinue reading “How Long Does It Take to Get A Black Belt? Part 2”

How Long Does It Take to Get A Black Belt?

How long does it take to earn a black belt in your martial arts style?  This is a common question I get when potential students call/email/stop in to inquire about training.  For as long as I have been involved in Tang Soo Do, the answer has always been approximately 4 years on average.  I am always sure toContinue reading “How Long Does It Take to Get A Black Belt?”

How safe is karate right now?

Before getting too far into this article I’d like to make sure the readers know a few things.  I am not a doctor nor am I an epidemiologist.  I have no background in medicine or medical research.  Please do not use this article as the basis for any decisions regarding your health or the health of people aroundContinue reading “How safe is karate right now?”

The (non) Importance of Rank

Disclaimer:  The following article may ruffle some feathers.  These are my opinions which are not right or wrong, they are just opinions.  You may agree with them and you may not.  Both are ok.  Please feel free to comment and give your opinion on the topic. I’d like to discuss the importance of rank in martial arts and eventually the non-importance ofContinue reading “The (non) Importance of Rank”

Preserving the Old Normal

A new normal.  We are hearing it a lot these days.  The COVID-19 pandemic is going to go down as one of those events that change things forever.  A new normal.  Many of us remember what it was like traveling by airplane pre-9/11.  Keep your shoes on.  Not getting yelled at by TSA for forgetting that half full water bottle inContinue reading “Preserving the Old Normal”

The Lost Art of Time Management

When I was your age, I had to walk to school 10 miles one way, in the snow, barefoot, uphill both ways, was able to get straight A’s, get all my chores done, play on the football team and keep a part-time job.  Sound familiar?  We’ve all heard stories similar to this from our parents and elders.  AsContinue reading “The Lost Art of Time Management”