The Karate Dad – Episode 24

Anders is only a few weeks shy of his 2nd birthday and continues to be one big bundle of unfocused energy.  You’d think that over 20 years of teaching young children would prepare me for this but there is certainly something different when it is your own flesh and blood.

Anders is a very happy kid who loves to be goofy.  Despite this, our lessons offer momentary glimpses of attention, learning, and discipline.  I could be reaching, much like when learning to speak (did he say <insert word here>?), but I’d like to think there is some progress being made.

Anyway, on to this lesson…

My quest to get Anders to block is still ongoing, although this lesson may have had a breakthrough.  He allowed me to manipulate his arms in the blocking motions of the four basic blocks: high, low, inside/outside middle, and outside/inside middle.  We were able to accomplish this in the air as well as on the blockers.

The small success caused me to overreach a little and I tried to get him to do the blocks on his own…fail.  I then then tried to get him to hold the blockers for me while I block…fail.  Still, blocking with me in two different ways is good progress.

Since it was several weeks since we worked on self-defense grabs, I wanted to review the one grab we have done so far, the same side wrist grab.  After a quick review by moving his arm for him, Anders performed the technique very well.

Obviously, I am strong enough to hang on to his arm and not let go.  Although for some reason a squirmy or dead weight toddler is impossible to hold.  Anyway.  I am telling the truth when I say that he was doing the technique correctly and better than a lot of kids I have taught who are much older.  It could be due to the less the frequent teaching I have done lately or just my uber-proud daddy gene, but I stand by the previous assessment.

My one critique is that I would like to see Anders run away after getting free.  In this lesson he seemed to just stand there afterwards (the one time in this lesson he didn’t want to run away).

After this lesson, I was thinking about our next lesson, specifically how to help Anders get blocking down.  I thought back to when I was struggling to get him to kick.  He finally started kicking when I added the specific “Hi-Ya” sound.  After that, a simple “Hi-Ya” and he kicks on command.

So, a little foreshadowing to our next lesson, I plan on having a unique, fun sound associated with each blocking motion.  It may turn out to be silly, it may work, or it may not work.  That is one of the fun things about this process, figuring out how to get this little human to learn his daddy’s passion and profession.

For more background on my purpose and philosophy in training Anders, check this post out.

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