The Karate Dad – Episode 23

In just one month, Anders will turn 2 years old, and we will have been training together for almost 1 year!  Time sure does fly by.  He’ll be a black belt before you know it.  However, after watching this episode it may be later rather than sooner.

After lunch and a nap, Anders seems to have the most energy.  That is also when we do our lessons.  As with all kids, more energy = less focus = more patience required by daddy.  If there was a way to harness the nearly terrible twos energy for good rather than mischief, I would be a wealthy man.

Anyway, we started the lesson like we always do with a bow in.  I decided to do a warmup this class and despite being all over the place, Anders followed along well.  

I wanted to continue trying to work on blocking after taking a few lessons off from it.  The good news is that he let me guide him through some punches and a couple of blocks.  It didn’t last very long though.

I tried to play along as he got goofy, in hopes to get his limited focus back, but that ship had already sailed.  Some progress is better than none I suppose.  It looks like we will be taking baby steps (rim shot) when it comes to blocks.

As with most other lessons, he is still having fun, which is the most important thing.  I am still having fun too, even if it looks like my patience has gone bye-bye.

The Karate Dad – Episode 23

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