The Karate Dad – Episodes 20 and 21

This post has two episodes since both lessons were rather uneventful and frustrating at the same time.  I had to really work hard to figure out a silver lining in each lesson so my assessments may be a bit of a stretch.

Episode 20

In this lesson, I decided to take a step back from trying to get Anders to block and to review all the material he learned to earn the stripes he has.  Kicking in the air to show balance (yellow stripe) and kicking the board (brown stripe) are his favorite things to do by far.  When Anders is with me on Saturday mornings while I teach class, he runs to get the board to break it for everyone to see.  Once he succeeds, he looks around at the students in class for approval.

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He has the arm motion for jumping jacks, but the feet are still are work in progress (blue stripe).  He can run in place with high knees, touch his toes, do somersaults, and now attempt a one-legged quad stretch.  He mimics a lot of the things I do when working out at home which helps.

For his red stripe, he needed to touch the right and left pads with the correct, corresponding hand.  Eventually this will turn into a punch, but we are not there yet.  When we did this for the stripe, he did it quite well.  When we reviewed it in this lesson, he would only use his right hand, even when I held out the left pad.  It could be his focus since you can see him running amok every few seconds.  Another thought I had, is that he might be right-handed, and this trait is starting to be more prominent.  I am not an expert in child development, this is just a theory.

Moving forward, some more review lessons will be in order.

Episode 21

Since Anders has been doing a great job bowing in and out of class, I decided to test him on these commands for his green stripe.  Things started out well with Anders lining up on his dot when I asked him to, a first for this.  He then proceeded to sit down when I commanded, another first.

After bowing in, things went downhill quickly.  When I tried to formally test him on the commands, his focus was non-existent.  Even getting out the stripes to entice him (he loves those stripes) didn’t improve the focus.  So, mean old daddy did not award him the stripe.  We will try again another time.

I wasn’t planning on trying to do blocks, but Anders grabbed the blockers and brought them to me, so I thought it was a good indication he wanted to block.  Not so fast.  Just more shenanigans.  

For more background on my purpose and philosophy in training Anders, check this post out.

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