The Karate Dad – Episodes 8 and 9

We’ve been training for a few months now and daddy is starting to get a little overconfident in this teaching and parenting abilities.  A 16-month-old Anders quickly brings him back down to planet Earth in episode 8.

We had done several basic techniques, so I thought, why not try to start doing forms?  What was I thinking?!  This turned out to be an epic failure.  Our entire lesson consisted of me trying to contain a defiant Anders.  He was not having any of it.

Although the lesson was a bust, I feel good in retrospect because I remained patient and calm.  I was clearly flustered but I did not show that frustration or get angry.  A good, indirect lesson for Anders on how to handle yourself when stressed.

Keeping this failed lesson in mind, I decided to take a different approach for our next lesson.  In episode 9, me and Anders just have fun.  One of the drills we use in my Tiny Tigers classes (ages 4-8) is called Ninja Battle.  For whatever reason, the kids love it.  We use blockers, shields, and pads as ninja weapons and battle each other.  Anders loved it too.

These two lessons taught me several things but most importantly that I need to slow down, not be always focused on progressing, and to just stop every once and a while to have fun.

For more background on my purpose and philosophy in training Anders, check this post out.

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