The Karate Dad – Episodes 6 and 7

Two for the price of one!  At around 15 months, Anders and I start to work on kicks by learning the different parts of the foot in Episode 6.  Afterwards, Anders gets a hold of some training equipment and partakes in some shenanigans in Episode 7.

Obviously at only 15 months Anders does not have the coordination, balance, or body control to be able to lift his leg up for a kick.  However, my plan was to introduce him to different parts of the foot that we use when kicking.

Anders learns parts of the foot for kicking during Episode 6

We sat down together, and I touched the parts of his foot and told him what it is called and what kick(s) we use it with: ball of the foot, top of the foot, inside of the foot, knife edge, and heel.  This started off well and Anders was generally focused.  How much he retained, I have no idea.  

I started losing him at times which can be expected but he managed to stay put for the bow out and even gave me a high five at the end.

After the class, Anders got a hold of my blockers and just ran around like a crazy person.  He chased me around and eventually spun around until he crashed.  This was just an impromptu recording for the episode, and I think it shows Anders’ goofy, fun personality.

Anders goes wild after class

For more background on my purpose and philosophy in training Anders, check this post out.

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