The Karate Dad – Episodes 10, 11, and 12

Three episodes in one!  At around 13 months old, Anders has a busy couple of classes including beating up daddy, earning his first stripe, and breaking his first board.

Episode 10

This episode occurred after our class, which is why we are in street clothes.  The lesson itself was uneventful.  After class, however, was anything but uneventful.  A super goofy daddy results in Anders laughing harder than he has in a long time.  Nothing cuter than a baby laughing hysterically.  Be warned, this episode is cuteness overload.

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Episode 11

After several weeks of doing various techniques and drills, I thought I might try testing Anders for his first stripe.  I am not making the stripe requirements on the fly.  I am using the same curriculum and requirements that I use with my Tiny Tiger students (ages 4-8).  I do have to modify some things for a 1-year-old though.

I decided to test Anders for his red stripe, which is doing right and left punches on pads.  There are two parts to this test: 1) the coordination of using the correct hand, and 2) hitting the pad with a correct fist.  I figured out long ago that the fist thing wasn’t happening.  When we test for the red stripe the next time, I have some plans to help with the fists.

He was able to touch the correct pad, whether it was right or left, with the correct hand, which demonstrated one of the two parts required for the stripe.  Maybe I got too excited, but I thought this was good enough and awarded him the stripe.

What could be better than seeing him earn the stripe?  His reaction afterwards.  He is so enamored with his first stripe he can’t take his eyes off it.

Great job Anders!

Episode 12

Much like Episode 10, this episode is a little fun and silly.  When I say Anders breaks his first board, it is actually me breaking it.  It is a trick I learned back in Michigan from another master.  It looks cool from afar and Anders seemed to have fun with it so mission accomplished.

For more background on my purpose and philosophy in training Anders, check this post out.

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