The Karate Dad – Episode 5

In episode 5 of The Karate Dad, I attempt to work on some coordination drills with Anders.  At around 14 months old, Anders is still new to the whole walking thing.  The goal of this lesson was to improve some of his mobility skills as well as build some hand-eye coordination.

In retrospect, this was a bit ambitious.  He can barely walk, which is evident by all the crashing, but I’m trying to get him to do movements that even adults struggle with.  Take it easy dad!  I think it really lies in expectations.  If I expected Anders to be able to do it all the first time, I would certainly be an overbearing parent.  However, I have no expectations other than having fun and if I see progress in something to celebrate it and build on it.

Anders does coordination drills in episode 5 of The Karate Dad

That being said, there were several wins and losses to this lesson:

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  • He had fun.  Those giggles are the best sound in the world.
  • He still likes me.  The hugs at the end melt my heart.  When he gets older and hates my guts for giving him so many pushups I can go back and watch this video.
  • He is less hesitant to try things.  Previously he did a lot of watching and taking things in.  While he still does that, he is starting to feel more confident in doing things.
  • He was able to follow me and tried to mimic some of the movements.


  • Didn’t quite get the movements down.  As I mentioned, he has only been walking for a few weeks, so it actually be quite amazing if he did.
  • He is starting to get distracted and interested in everything, not just me.  While this is good to a certain extent, being curious about the world and confident to explore without me, having the ability to reel him back in is going to a challenge.

Being a professional instructor, I thoroughly enjoy this process.  Teaching Anders will undoubtedly make me a better instructor for all of my other students as well as strengthening the bond between us.

For more background on my purpose and philosophy in training Anders, check this post out.

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