The Karate Dad – Episode 4

In this episode, I attempt to teach Anders how to do the basic blocking techniques.  He is around 13 months old in this episode and it being only our 4th lesson, he is still taking it all in.  You can see he is getting a little more comfortable with his uniform on and being in the studio since he is starting to run around a bit more rather than just standing and watching.

Daddy attempts to teach Anders how to do basic blocks

Overall, the lesson was a success.  He began to mimic some of my movements during the warmup but during the blocks he did not.  He did however let me move his arms for him to do the blocks and did not resist it.  I was hoping he would hit the blockers when we moved into that part of class, but he just wanted to crash into me instead.

I got him moving around a little during the warmup, but he needed me to hold his hand.  He is still dependent on me to be comfortable in a new situation but that is expected.  I was pleased to get a little side to side movement from him although backwards run was a no go.

This was the longest lesson we have had so far, and I could tell by the end of it, it was about all he could handle.  I was pleased he stayed with it for most of the lesson though.

As always, the most important part of our lessons is that he has fun and enjoys being there.  I want to make karate an activity that he enjoys and wants to do with me.  There will be plenty of time as he gets older to be more strict on the discipline aspects of martial arts.

Being a professional instructor, I thoroughly enjoy this process.  Teaching Anders will undoubtedly make me a better instructor for all of my other students as well as strengthening the bond between us.

For more background on my purpose and philosophy in training Anders, check this post out.

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