The Karate Dad – Episode 3

In this episode, I start teaching Anders his first karate technique, the punch.  He is just over 12 months old in this episode and still quite new to our lessons.  He is still in the process of taking it all in.  

Anders learns how to punch in episode 3

Overall, the lesson was a success.  He did several punches with my assistance.  He allowed me to move his arms and did not resist it.  He stood still for the most part with his feet remaining in one spot.  Anders did not bend his knees in his horse stance, but I didn’t expect him to.

His hands were floppy and loose which is also not a shocker.  I was hoping he would have tight fists as he has done this before but did not in this case.  He has made fists many times and has yet to tuck his thumb inside his hand which I hope he continues to do.

One of the things I learned is how to understand when he has had enough.  I was pleased that Anders stopped, sat down, and looked at me rather than crying or getting fussy.  Eventually he will learn to use his words to tell me when he has had enough.  Much further down the road we will start pushing past the times when we feel like stopping but now is not the time.

At this point in his training, we are focusing on introducing karate to him, getting used to it, having fun, and helping daddy learn how best to teach him.

Being a professional instructor, I thoroughly enjoy this process.  Teaching Anders will undoubtedly make me a better instructor for all of my other students as well as strengthening the bond between us.

For more background on my purpose and philosophy in training Anders, check this post out.

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