The Karate Dad – Episode 17

Finally!  After several weeks of trying, I finally got Anders to practice his kicks.  At almost 20 months old he can only do one kick, but it’s a start.  Lifting his leg, balancing on the other, and hitting a target with his foot are great progress.

Anders earns his brown stripe for performing kicks!

One thing that I feel helped was I changed the time we did our lessons.  Several months ago, Anders started transitioning to a one nap per day schedule.  This nap typically takes place after lunch.  After the nap we would head to the studio and do our lesson before regular classes start in the afternoon.

He would be really fired up for some reason and consequently not interested in listening to me.  I shifted his lesson to Saturday morning, just before regular classes.  He seemed to do much better.  I will try this once again to see if it is a pattern or an anomaly.

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For finally hitting the pad with a kick, Anders earned his brown stripe!  This is his third stripe so far and like the others, he can’t stop looking at it.

His beginning and ending of class bowing are starting to get really good (for a 1.5-year-old).  He even bows at home when I ask him too!  His mom tried to give him the command to bow (kyung yet) but he wouldn’t do it.  Immediately afterward, I gave the command, and he gave a nice, deep bow.  That’s my boy!

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