The Karate Dad – Episode 16

Here we go again.  It feels like Déjà vu.  I once again had a plan for class that had to get scrapped due to the terrible (almost) twos.

The lesson started off great with a cheerful Anders wearing his uniform and saying hi to himself on camera. He is pretty vain, like all young kids.  We may have a difficult time when we get to our humility lessons.

Why are babies so vain?

My goal was to work on kicks.  In previous lessons we have gone over the parts of the foot while seated.  He has also been able to lift his foot up in the air in a “kick”.  The next step in my plan is to get him to touch his foot to a pad in the air.  So far, not happening.

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A defiant Anders would rather run around like a silly guy than listen to daddy.  On a side note, during our following Saturday group class, I was holding a kick shield while the kids in class did running jump side kicks.  Anders kept trying to kick the pads like the other kids.  So, maybe we’re getting somewhere.

After a few minutes of extreme patience training for me, I noticed that all Anders wanted to do was stand on the pads like we did in our last lesson.  So, I used this to setup a similar drill with smaller pads and makeshift “tight rope”.  The goal being to walk along the tight rope (just a white belt) and stop at each small square pad, balancing at each one.

Going slow is the key to the tight rope and Anders only has 2 speeds, fast and off.  He was able to walk along the line but not stay on it that well, as expected.  He could get on and off and stay balanced on the pads which is a good follow up from our previous lesson.

19 month old Anders does more balance drills

All in all, not too bad of a lesson.  Good improvisation on my part once again.  Got some skill building out of Anders even if it wasn’t what was intended.  My assessment from the last lesson remains the same; I need to stick with it and weather the storm while Anders goes through his defiant phase.  As long as we have fun and do something beneficial, it is a success.

I did get a fist raise during the “Tang Soo” at the end of class too!

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