The Karate Dad – Episode 14

This episode almost did not happen!  Getting his uniform on was a bit of a struggle.  He wasn’t crying or being fussy, he was just running around laughing, wanting me to chase him.  Anders has actually been doing this when trying to get on other clothes, coats, shoes, diapers, etc.  It must be a phase he’s going through.  I guess the good news is that it is not that he is resisting karate.

I attempted to turn the camera on to document my feeble attempts at clothing Anders in his uniform but once I turned it on, he stopped and let me finish getting him dressed.  Perhaps I need to wear a Go Pro camera around the house in order to get him dressed at home.

Anyway, I got Anders’ uniform and belt on and we started class.  The goal for class was to do self-defense technique #1, a same side wrist grab.  Overall, I feel it was a success.  Anders is certainly comfortable doing karate in his uniform.  He has fun and sees karate as something fun to do with daddy which is my primary goal.

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Anders learns self-defense grab #1

One thing to note. Before we got into the self-defense grab, you may have noticed that Anders was enamored with his stripes.  He was not as enamored as in previous episodes, but he still likes to hold them up and show me.  It could be that he just likes the color.  However, I like to think that he understands that it is something special that daddy gave him and is therefore important to him.  I could certainly be wrong but my theory makes me feel good so I am going with it.

In order to teach the wrist grab, release I guide his arm in the correct direction.  The first time he tried to pull straight away and when it did not work, he just collapsed and giggled.  The second and third time however I could feel him trying to pull his arm free in the correct way, where my thumb and index finger meet.  

Obviously, I am stronger than my 18-month-old son and if I wanted to, I could have held on.  In order to see progress when teaching any kid, you need to control the amount of resistance you provide so they can feel the success of doing it correctly.  As he gets stronger and technically better, I will add more resistance.

I am encouraged that he learned from the first attempt and corrected the second attempt and then replicated the success in the third attempt.  That is the key to practicing and learning.

For more background on my purpose and philosophy in training Anders, check this post out.

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