The Karate Dad – Episode 13

It is our first official class of 2021!  At 18 months old, my little man Anders is growing and learning so fast.  We did some mini lessons at home over the holidays so I thought I would test him out at the studio.

It took a little longer to get in an official class since our last class because we have been trying to figure out a new schedule.  Until recently, Anders would take a short nap mid-morning and another mid-afternoon.  Right after lunch seemed to be the perfect time for our lessons.  

Sometime around the first of the year, his nap schedule changed, and he no longer would nap mid-morning. He slowly phased into a single after lunch nap.  It took some trial and error to figure out the best time to do class with him under his new sleep routine, but I think we got it now.

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With his balance and coordination improving, I attempted to get him to kick a pad…fail.  He can kick on one foot though, so there is progress.  I also tried to get him to do jumping jacks…fail.  He can lift the arms up in the motion and copy me running in place so there is progress there as well.

For the progress, I awarded Anders his second stripe, the blue stripe for fitness.

You can see his energy level is higher and attention span is less.  He is still having fun and listens at least some of the time.

Anders earns his second stripe for progressing in kicks and coordination

As a side note, I am using roughly the same criteria and requirements for Anders in regard to earning stripes that I do with my Tiny Tiger students, ages 4-8, at the studio.  He will of course progress more slowly than the older kids, but he will earn stripes when he makes progress just like any student.

For more background on my purpose and philosophy in training Anders, check this post out.

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