The Karate Dad – Episode 1

Welcome to The Karate Dad!  Over the next several months and years, my goal is to document my son Anders’ journey in the martial arts.  The martial arts have been a large part of my life for as long as I can remember and want to share that with him.  As an instructor and studio owner, I will continue to be heavily involved in karate for the rest of my life and would like Anders to be involved as well.

Before introducing the first episode, it is important to know my motivation for sharing these videos with the world.

We started these videos during a 5-month shutdown of my studio due to COVID19.  Friends and family did not get to see Anders for in person.  This was a great way to share his activities with friends and family.

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He is also a pretty darn adorable kid.  If our little lessons together can put a smile on someone’s face during these dark times, then it is well worth it.

I also want to share these videos with the public in order to help other dads and/or karate instructors with ideas to help them bond with their young kids.  Many of the things I do can be applied to other activities so if you want to play baseball with your child, some of the things I do can be modified for that.

In all of these classes, we have a goal.  Sometimes we achieve it, sometimes we don’t.  In every class, our first priority is to have fun.  I want Anders to have fun doing karate, spending time with his dad, at an early age.  There will be plenty of time later on to be serious and disciplined.

Each lesson is less than 10 minutes.  These are just little mini lessons to introduce Anders to things and have fun doing it.   

Episode 1

Anders learns bowing in and out in his first lesson with daddy

Our first class was a bit of an experiment.   I did not know what to expect.  My goal was to introduce Anders to the bow in and bow out procedures and just get him in his uniform so he could start getting used to it.  As I’ve come to understand about my son, in a new situation or around new people, he likes to observe and just take it all in.  He is not scared or shy, he is just very observant.  This was the case in our first class.

Be sure to check out our next lesson in Episode 2!

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