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At the time of writing this, my martial arts studio has been closed for 4 months. This is the longest period of time in over 20 years that I have not taught a martial arts class. The COVID19 pandemic has changed our lives forever. I greatly miss sharing my knowledge with eager students chomping at the bit. I also miss those occasional, sometimes frequent, classroom rants that I go on when I just can’t stop unloading information on the students. I often call these ‘core dumps’, like when a computer crashes and creates a file in which the details are dumped to. This blog will serve as my new outlet to share the information, opinions, and yes rants, that I have stored from 30+ years of training. Hopefully readers will enjoy my posts and engage in some sharing of information. I have an analytical way of thinking so I will often try to explain things with scientific evidence. If I ever post something that is not accurate, by all means call me out on it. Not only do I have a vast amount of sometimes useless information stored in my brain, I am also a lifelong student of the martial arts and continue to come up with new ideas and opinions which I will certainly share.

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